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FREE permanent makeup offers or how to avoid costly mistakes!

After seeing more and more clients with similar stories, I want to warn you ladies about the dangers of low prices and FREE procedures. Any deal that seems too good to be true, usually is ... especially for permanent makeup services.

The example of work presented here shows the client's lips ruined by a local master. The client was told that the work would be done by a very experienced technician. The reason for the FREE price tag: the technician needed to learn a new advanced technique.

To avoid ending up in a situation like this, please make sure to follow several rules:

  • Always review the photo portfolio of the master. Ask questions about the particular pictures you liked. Different cultures have a different understanding of what is beautiful - make sure you agree with the techician on this subject. The portfolio should give you a good idea if the technician has the knowledge of the ABCs of CLASSICAL makeup. Remember that a permanent makeup technician should be first and foremost a competent Makeup Artist.

  • Make sure that the pictures have copyright. If those pictures do not belong to the technician, it is against the law to show them as their own! Some beginner technicians lower their prices to gain experience, but they must be honest and showcase their own work.

  • Ask if you can contact some references. If the master will not provide you with any, it is a big warning sign! The real master will always be happy to refer you to some of her clients.

  • Check for long and detailed reviews on independent sources. Also, it is very important is to check for BAD reviews! Some of them can be posted by picky clients, but some of them can be very serious and give you a good idea about the quality of the work and the attitude of the technician.

  • Ask the technician to draw the shape before they will begin the procedure and make sure you are comfortable with the result. If you have any doubts, do NOT do it! When I ask clients who come to me with ruined eyebrows why they did it after not being 200% sure about the sketch, I often hear "I thought it would be better to have something rather than nothing... And I was told they would be lighter..." IMPORTANT: The sketch should look natural and provide you with a full picture of what you will look like after healing.

  • The process of sketching should not take LESS than 10-15 minutes. The technician usually takes pictures before, after and during the process of drawing the sketch. Photo helps to see a better picture of future work. Look in the mirror and make sure you speak up if you have any concerns. Experienced master will always be able to listen and understand your concerns. If the technician seems eager to just start the work instead of drawing the shape, politely decline the procedure.

  • An experienced master will always do a consultation before the procedure with the detailed description of procedure, before and after care instruction, healing process, pictures of healing process, etc.

  • Pain? During the procedure you should not feel unbearable pain. Your skin should not bleed escessively! You should feel almost nothing after the numbing of open skin.

If you have any questions, please contact me any time. I will be happy to provide additional information and help you with advice.

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