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Veera Gorlatova​

The owner of Permanent Makeup & Esthetics, LLC
  • Winner of Permanent Makeup Reunion Contest ( I place, Las-Vegas, 2018)
  • Certified and Licensed Permanent Makeup Artist 
  •  Certified and Licensed Esthetician
  • Certified and Licensed Permanent Makeup Instructor
  • The speaker at Permanent Makeup Events and Conferences
  • The Permanent Makeup Magazines writer and consultant
  • The Recognizable artist in PMU World

"My name is Veera Gorlatova, and I live and practice in Purcellville, Virginia, but originally I am from Estonia. I have a Bachelor degree in management and used to own fitness club business in Estonia.  Because of that, I received an extra degree as a group fitness trainer.

I love to try and learn new stuff. After moving to USA I decided to become an esthetician because skincare and beauty were always my passion.  It purposes of removing my badly done tattooed eyebrows (not by me) I decided to take a course of permanent makeup and finally fell in love with this profession. So then and now I am constantly improving my skills and participate as a speaker in various seminars, courses, and workshops in the U.S., Russia and Europe. I love all my clients and I'm in love with my job. Day by day, procedure by procedure I see how little changes can transform not only the way my clients look, but also their self-esteem and their life! They gain confidence! I will do my best to work with you to find the look that fits you best! I do not use any stencils and every procedure is unique! I am looking forward to helping you with your permanent cosmetic and skin care needs.

I also offer permanent makeup masterclasses and permanent makeup education for licensed masters, who would like to improve their skills in Permanent Makeup. Sincerely, Veera Gorlatova"