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As a Professional Permanent Makeup (PM) Practice,

we really would love to show you that PM can be natural and it can help you look your best even with a busy and active lifestyle. The most important thing is to know how the healed result will look after years. It should fade and look natural. The golden rule is "Permanent Makeup does not replace decorative makeup, should look natural and enhance your natural beauty!"

All skin is different and touchups may be needed, but with the technique we use,

the healed result looks very good and clients found it not necessary to come for an additional touchup. 

If you will not come for a touchup it will be considered as you are satisfied with the result and no touchup is needed

The follow-up touchup after the NEW procedure is $150. 

Followup can be scheduled by the master or client immediately after the initial procedure and should be done within 8 weeks after the first procedure! 

After 8 weeks up to 3 years if you reschedule or cancel an appointment online

 it is considered as color or shape refreshing and the cost of $275


CONSULTATION is free (for first time clients)

A personal consultation is not necessary. You can always call us at 240-994-1672, but before calling PLEASE READ all the useful information on the consultation page. We are carefully giving you very detailed information about the procedure, aftercare instructions, and healing process with day-by-day pictures etc.  

But if you still have questions and would like to meet the artist in person you can schedule a consultation online a week before the procedure. During the consultation, the master will draw the shape, talk to you about the details of the selected procedure, and do a patch test to check for any allergic reactions to the pigment. Allergic reactions can appear anywhere from 24 hours to a couple of weeks. If you choose to opt out of the patch test,  please make an appointment for the eyebrows, eyes, or lips procedure. The consultation will be included in your visit anyway.

eyebrows (2).jpg


Powdered eyebrows/Microshading $450

During this procedure, the master uses only the finest single needle (0.25mm) and machine. this technique is the way less traumatic than manual microblading or traditional  "old school" solid shading. Soft shading has a visual effect of soft powdered shadow (also called "ombre", "powdered", "stardust", "stippling", "blending", "blushing", etc.).  It basically gives your brows gradient shadow without bold and intence look. Soft shading fits for all skin types and conditions. The healed result of soft shading is very predictable, correctable, soft, and natural-looking.​

eyebrows (1).jpg

Hair strokes/ Digital microblading $550


Hair-strokes or digital microblading is a completely different technique from shading.

Both are forms of permanent makeup, but you should know the differences.

1. Hairstrokes techniques will create precise and crispy strokes but unfortunately fits only 10% of skin because of the different skin conditions, types and etc.

2. It takes longer to perform, but lasts twice less,  about after 1 year all strokes will blur. All hair strokes will look shaded after a couple of refreshes.

The technician will explain to you what technique will fit the best to your skin type and you will be able to make the right decision.


Lip color enhancements / Lip blush / Lip color boost or

Lipstick look  $450

Soft Lip Liner is often used to fill with color the white line of lips, correct imperfections, blemishes, and asymmetry of the lips. The master will carefully select the color and shape that will ideally fit your individual features.  Full Lip Color can correct issues with your natural lip color  (light blue lip undertone),  and will make your lips full and luscious. (Could be more than 2 step procedure)


Lash Enhancement  $350

During this procedure, the master fills the space between the lashes with color, which creates a visual effect of thick and lush eyelashes.

Upper Eyeliner $450 / French or Shaded Upper eyeliner - $550

During this procedure, the master carefully selects and draws the shape, length, and color of the liner that will ideally fit your individual features.

Lower eyeliner $250

(only after upper eyeliner by request, but consultation is required) 
This procedure does not fit every eye shape because of natural features, eyelid shape, and skin anatomy.  Before scheduling, the appointment please send a picture of your eyes or schedule the consultation. 



The good news - you can choose any place on your body to get a "fake" mole tattoo.

The bad news - you can not enhance your own moles and freckles by tattooing over it. The most common reason is that your mole's natural color is important in monitoring your health. One of the biggest indicators that a mole has become cancerous is a change in its color. So we can not enhance the color of your mole.

We also do not perform freckle tattoos. The reason is the sun, which will fade pigment color to ashy or pinky color very quick.



Medical micro-pigmentation procedures (medical tattoos) are used to help disguise accidental scarring, and to re-create the appearance of hairs, nipples, and areolas.

Para-medical application of micro pigmentation is used in post-mastectomy areola repigmentation, scar camouflaging, on bald areas of the scalp, cleft lip correction, to help clients dealing with trichotillomania, alopecia, vitiligo, and much more.

Please contact us by email and attach (if possible) a picture. 

The consultation for you will be free.  The price will be reduced or free of charge. 



if previous work was done by another technician


PMU REMOVAL $150 (one session) 

May require multiple visits or laser/saline tattoo removal.  

We receive many questions about correctional procedures for clients with previous permanent makeup work done by other technicians.  Please understand, it is very hard to correct some mistakes such as incorrect or multiple eyebrow colors, incorrect shape, and multiple eyebrows.  It usually takes a long time and a lot of patience for both the technician and the client.  Usually, bad work introduces its own set of colors, shapes and complications, which cannot be corrected completely without laser removal.

BEFORE PROCEDURE PICTURES should  also be emailed to



Permanent makeup will fade over time.

Factors that affect fading are sun exposure, skin undertone, clients' age, and frequency of using chemical peels. The refresher appointment is recommended only after 2-3 years. 

(price per one procedure/per one zone) 
Up to 3 years is 50% of original price
After 4 years - full price



C/C payments incur a 3.6% Transaction Fee


(Under Florida  law, any checks returned “NSF” (non-sufficient funds),

“Account Not Found” or “NSF Unless Otherwise Indicated

is a worthless check subject to prosecution under Florida's criminal statutes)


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