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Please note, that all reviews, including those, that are not currently recommended by YELP.COM are from our  clients!

Marina C.Brooklyn, NY

I actually traveled from New York City to do my lips at Permanent Makeup and Esthetics, LLC with Veera. I did my research for about a year before selecting her.She did a wonderful job, I love it! The price is also right. I would suggest her to anyone who wants to do a perm makeup, but afraid that someone inexperience may do a bad job. Face is very important to any woman, and you should be very careful choosing a right person to do any corrections to it. You can definitely trust Veera!

Jelena P.Fordoun, UK

Hello, everyone!!! I would like to say, that Veera is the best master I ever meet. She made my eyebrows, lips and eye lines!!! This was my first permanent makeup and I was afraid of the results, but results are amazing!!! And I did not feel any pain, I did enjoy and I would recommend Veera to all my friends!!! Thank you, Veera so much!!!

Irina P.Fairfax, VA

 I have tried many different PM artists. Just Veera gave me an amazing results for eyebrows and lips.I recommend with absolute confidence Veera! careful preparation, perfect execution, the perfect selection of colors. my eyebrows and lips look luxury!!!!!!!!

Agnes B.Sterling, VA

I meet Veera a year ago. I was shopping for getting my eyebrows and my lips done. One of my eyebrow was lower then the other, and I've had so many coldsore, that they ate away the pigments from my lips. So I wasn't happy the way I looked for so long. Veera corrected my look! Gave me even brows pretty lips and I also got lash enhancement just to complete the look. I feel " beautiful and confident again " :) Her talent, meeting your needs untill you 100% satisfied . I would recommend her to anyone!

Catherine M.Herndon, VA

Wonderful job! I could not be any happier with the results! I have been looking for permanent makeup for years , I wanted to tattoo my eyebrows, but I always had a concern about the color and how its gonna match with my skin tone I wanted it to look very natural.I found Veera on the web site and came for the appointment. That was the best thing I could find! My eyebrows look perfect! great color and shape. Its been a year already since I've done them and they still look like I did them yesterday!

Rebecca P.Leesburg, VA

...I was pleased to find that Veera was so professional and ready to give a very descriptive information session allowing me to understand the process, and what had gone wrong for the nightmare eyebrows that one occasionally sees (blue hued paranthesis anybody?) She was extremely informative, making it clear that permanent makeup wasn't just a hobby or casual undertaking, but a medical procedure that requires some artistic talent. Veera was more concerned about ensuring that I was comfortable and confident than anything else. After letting me peruse hundreds of pictures, I was ready for not only my eyebrows, but for a lash enhancement as well. It took another 45 minutes for Veera to complete her "stencil" on my face, which is to say she used a makeup pencil to determine the exact work she would do. Veera is an absolutely perfectionist. I actually had to chuckle as she was using a ruler to take various measurements to ensure symmetry and appropriate placement. I was vocal about the fact that i was concerned about the color and about it being too dramatic/noticeable. Veera assured me every step of the way, explaining how the immediate results are not an accurate representation of the finished look, how it usually takes 2 sessions (both included in the price- 1 to get the basic shading done and another to perfect the shape) She also took the time to explain the color process and the chemistry behind the changing of colors that often happens with the ink. Beyond all this, Veera is an absolute artist. Despite me being a bit on the obsessive side about my brows and their shape, Veera pointed out subtleties such as the slight difference in my arches or how my skin will age and change and thus actually found a way to IMPROVE upon the shape which I had spent years perfecting. Initially the color is darker (and in my case, with more orange undertones) but I was surprised to find that I actually LOVED the slightly more dramatic look because every single stroke of Veera's work was PERFECT. She also did my eyeliner that day, and for someone who had lined my top lid every day of her makeup-wearing life, this has been a huge help in decreasing my time to get ready every day and letting me feel a bit more self confident about going out "sans makeup" since Veera was careful to ENHANCE my existing features rather than change them. As expected, I did go back a month later after to have a touch-up which is to say that Veera wanted to put the finishing touches on my brows. The first session had been one for filling the brows in where as the second was for perfecting the shape. Three months later, my husband still gets to hear on a regular basis how much I love my brows. I highly recommend Veera. If given the chance, she will truly show you a work of art.Was this review …?

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