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Welcome to Permanent Makeup & Esthetics!

As a beauty and spa facility, Permanent Makeup & Esthetics provides amazing results!

We have performed thousands of permanent makeup procedures for over 12 years in the Greater Washington DC area.

This September 2022, we opened a new office in the beautiful city of Naples, Florida

and we are looking forward to seeing you there!

We are specializing in the natural-looking permanent makeup of eyebrows, eyes, lips, and medical micro-pigmentation.

We solve clients' problems by enhancing their beauty, making their lives easier, and taking the worries out of their daily makeup routine. 

Most of our clients are people who need help with restoring their beauty because of health issues.


You can be sure that you are in good hands because we specialize in working with mature and problematic skin.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

All appointments must be scheduled online

If you have any questions or problems with booking,  please text 240-994-1672


Permanent Makeup & Esthetics is the proud recipient of 5-star reviews on Google, Yelp,   

We truly believe this is the greatest compliment we ever received from our clients for the choice they made! 


Permanent makeup is a safe and completely controlled method of depositing cosmetic pigments into the outmost upper layer of the skin. It also can be called cosmetic tattooing, semi-permanent makeup, soft tap or microblading, microshading, (also called  3D and 6D eyebrows), micropigmentation, dermapigmentation.

Permanent makeup helps you look your best even with a busy and active lifestyle and is also used to produce artificial eyebrows, particularly in people who have lost them as a consequence of old age, disease, such as alopecia totalis, chemotherapy, or a genetic disturbance, and to disguise scars and white spots in the skin such as in vitiligo. Medical micropigmentation restores or enhances the breast's areola, such as after breast surgery. 

If you are considering a permanent makeup procedure you need to know that it can and should look NATURAL regardless of which technique is used.  Having your eyebrows, eyes or lips done will have a great effect on your overall look, however, people will have trouble figuring out how you look so good in the morning, at the gym, at the pool, or at the beach.  

When choosing the technician always request to see the HEALED result on before and after photos of actual clients similar to your skin type, the skin completion, and most important - your age. Also, it is very important to remember that the results will look different immediately after the procedure and after healing.


It is always on
It saves your time every day
It is a great guide for tweezing eyebrows and keeping them shaped
It WILL NOT smudge or be ruined by water
It solves the visual problem of loss of hair or color
Permanent Makeup by Veera Gorlatova (8).

We do our best to make the procedure for our clients as comfortable and painless as possible. Even though the level of sensitivity varies by individual, some of our clients actually fall asleep during the eyebrows procedure. We will not shave or trim your eyebrows.  A large portion of the procedure is pencil-sketching the shape that you will feel comfortable with. You can familiarize yourself with the details of the procedures and find the price list here


Veera Gorlatova (1) - Copy.jpg

Veera Gorlatova​

The owner of Permanent Makeup & Esthetics, LLC and has over 12 years experience in permanent makeup field.

  • Winner of Permanent Makeup Reunion Contest ( I place, Las-Vegas, 2018)

  • Certified and Licensed Permanent Makeup Artist 

  • Certified and Licensed Esthetician

  • Certified and Licensed Permanent Makeup Instructor

  • The speaker at Permanent Makeup Events and Conferences

  • The Permanent Makeup Magazines writer and consultant

  • The Recognizable artist in PMU World

"My name is Veera Gorlatova, and I used to live and practice in Virginia but recently moved to Naples, Florida.  As an owner and artist of Permanent Makeup & Esthetics, I served thousands of very happy clients in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and the Washington DC area, with many of my clients coming to see me from other states and even countries. 

I constantly improve my skills and participate as a speaker in various seminars, courses, and workshops in the U.S., Russia and Europe. I love all my clients and I'm in love with my job. Day by day, procedure by procedure I see how little changes can transform not only the way my clients look, but also their self-esteem and their life! They gain confidence! I will do my best to work with you to find the look that fits you best! I do not use any stencils and every procedure is unique! I am looking forward to helping you with your permanent cosmetic and skin care needs.

I also offer permanent makeup masterclasses and permanent makeup education for licensed masters, who would like to improve their skills in Permanent Makeup. For the additional information, you may go to website and choose the day and time that fits you best.  

Please note that during some summer months, I work out of my office in Estonia, but the appointments can be made for September ".

We are located in Naples, Florida and we are serving clients from

Collier County and Lee County: Bonita Springs, Estero, Cape Coral, and Fort Myers.

If you are driving to see us from Miami, Tampa, or Orlando, our

office is conveniently located just 5 miles off of I-75.

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